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Niche: FPS/ Robotics/ Education

Zanadood is a TikTok creator, streamer, teacher, and overall cool guy. His content tells the story of his experience as a gamer high school teacher, who jokingly gives detention to those who dare to thrash talk his gamer skills. Overall, Zanadood’s content focuses on promoting positivity and inclusivity.


Brand Attributes

Zanadood’s position as a teacher gives him unique content and perspective. His focus is split between both worlds of gaming and education.

Humorous smack-talk aside, Zanadood ultimately aims to foster a community of positivity and inclusivity and welcomes all.

Some of Zanadood’s most popular content is based on humor and silly reasons for giving out detentions as a teacher.


Top Countries: Zanadood's primary audience is in the US 59.9%, Followed by the UK 8.2% and Canada 5%,

Top Ages: Zanadood does best in the 18-24 age demo (47%) with the 25-35 (24.3%) and the 13-17 (22.6%) coming in after that.

Gender Split: Zanadood's gender split finds him with a largely more male-oriented audience at 94.9% to a 5.1% female audience.