ASHLEYakaASHLEY Chief Operating Officer

Ashley is a Twitch partnered content creator who loves sharing her life-long love of games with her community. Co-founding a stream team and acting as a source of expert knowledge for other creators in stream monetization and the many aspects of streaming made her realize that she had a deep passion for helping other creators succeed. Utilizing her experiences as a streamer and stream team leader, Ashley helps Tyrus creators excel as a Talent Coordinator.

As a mental health advocate, Ashley has utilized her platform to increase awareness and decrease stigma while raising over $20,000 for charity in the last two years. Partnering with NAMI to produce the first live stream presentation of their program Ending the Silence on the Twitch Font Page, Ashley was able to demonstrate that “reaching out through alternative media platforms can help NAMI reach a younger and more diverse audience”– 2019 NAMI Annual Report.