Dan Sr. Talent Manager

With a career in broadcasting spanning nearly two decades, Dan has worked in everything from podcasting live streaming, to live radio and television production, to partnerships with both Twitch and Discord. Career highlights include four years as an operator and newsreader at KXIC Iowa City AM 800, being a part of the refounding of the Twitch team Would You Kindly, and a short stint as an eSports Director in Boston, MA for Firstblood Technologies. If it’s about broadcasting, Dan has at least some knowledge of it!

To Tyrus, he brings his professionalism and gets it done nature to a team already dedicated to getting content creators everything they need to succeed in their careers. From an understanding of brand recognition and how people relate to content creators, to an intimate knowledge of key skills and data points that drive success, he’s got a massive and diverse toolkit that he’s bringing to every table he’s called to.